Verint Engagement Data Management: The Enterprise Pipe Dream Realised

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a pipe dream is an illusory or fantastic hope or plan. also defines a pipe dream as any fantastic notion or hope. I believe today’s enterprise would define a pipe dream as the ability to bring together customer interaction data from various silos throughout the organisation into a single hub, normalise the data and make it available in a usable form to the various organisational functions and departments.  

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Verint Expands APAC Customer Engagement Market Leadership

Did You Hear? Verint Expands Customer Engagement Market Leadership in Asia Pacific

Good news!

Frost & Sullivan has ranked Verint first in Asia Pacific market share for cloud and on-premises workforce management, quality monitoring, and analytics. The firm also named Verint Contact Centre Optimization Solution of the Year.

The report credited Verint with a market share that is significantly higher than the number two competitor, across the three combined contact centre technologies. Verint was recognised as leading the Workforce Management (WFM), Quality Monitoring (QM) and Analytics segments … Read More

Navigate the Unknown and Thrive

In this final article of the series, Steve Bell, Vice President EMEA Solutions Consulting, Verint, reveals how a cloud-powered customer engagement and workforce management strategy enables you to innovate faster and pivot at pace to whatever the future may hold.

Read part one and part two.

It’s easier to predict next month’s lottery numbers than it is to forecast what the post-pandemic future will be like. When the dust finally settles on COVID-19, your … Read More

The Verint Cloud Narrative

Why have so many companies moved to the cloud? Why are those who haven’t yet now considering cloud a top organizational priority? 

We especially see this trend with organizations that want to perfect customer engagement and need to move fast and have a competitive advantage in uncertain times. The cloud has created a new way of working, and it’s important to consider how that way of working is different than what we did in the … Read More

Thriving in a Post-Pandemic World

In the second of a three-part series (read part one here), Verint’s Simon Rudkin, Vice President – Cloud and Hosting, EMEA, explores how cloud-based customer engagement gives organisations the flexibility and agility to face unpredictable change and deliver amazing customer experiences.

With just weeks left to run in 2020, the question on everyone’s lips is, ‘What’s around the corner?’ COVID-19 has left a deep scar on society and the economy, upending personal plans … Read More

Innovate Customer Engagement During Crisis

In the first of a three-part series, Steve Bell, Vice President EMEA Solutions Consulting, Verint reveals how the cloud is helping forward-thinking organisations to innovate new approaches to customer engagement during the COVID-19 crisis.

2020 was the year the world disengaged. The year in which people’s lives and business strategy were upended by social distancing, working from home, lockdown and indeed tragedy.

Amongst all the fear and doubt arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, however, there … Read More

In Conversation With . . . Chris Harwood

In Conversation With . . . Chris Harwood

With the prolonged pandemic taking its toll on mental and emotional health, as well as physical, around the world, support services have been inundated with calls for help and support. In this poignant episode, Martyn Riddle chats with Chris Harwood from the Australian charity Lifeline on the impact the virus has had on their operations and how they have scaled up to meet the escalating demand for their services.

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How to Build a Successful Online Community | Verint

How to Build a Successful Online Community—We’ll Tell You!

Communities are a great way for customers to self-serve, connect with other customers, learn and share best practices, and engage in peer to peer support 24-7. Many of you know this from personal (and professional) experience.

For businesses, online community improve customer service experiences, enable a scalable and sustainable engagement model for support and marketing, and establish a trusted channel to listen and respond to the needs and wants of their customers.

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Automated Quality: Building a Compliance Culture | Verint Virtual On-Demand

One of our top sessions from Verint Virtual 2020 is now available on demand! Join Siobhan Miller, VP Portfolio Market Strategy, as she showcases how to use automated quality management (AQM) to build a compliance culture.

Verint’s customers have successfully been using AQM to improve agent performance and improve interactions with their respective customers. After listening to feedback from these customers, we have learned that they are experiencing a variety of compliance challenges.

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In Times of Change, Listen, Adapt and Respond

The uncertainty of today’s world has had an incredible impact on employees and the customers they serve. Due to these circumstances, personalised and agile customer experience and marketing strategies are needed more than ever before.

Like so many organisations, Verint has rolled with the punches and adapted to change. We’ve listened to our customers and made some changes to help them adapt to this new reality—likely you have done the same.

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