Digital Transformation in Banking: Technology Innovation Key to Survival

Digital transformation is a phrase that spans many industries but for financial institutions, it largely refers to the shift to online and mobile services—a transition that has been sped up by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The abrupt, forced shift to social distancing measures, bank closures and virtual services left many banks and credit unions scrambling to adopt the new technologies that made this transition possible. As consumer needs and wants pivoted, competition among financial institutions intensified … Read More

How AI has Become an Organizational Imperative for Your Enterprise

During the pandemic, we’ve seen some of the most rapid implementations of technology in decades. Millions of people were suddenly required to work from home—countless offices, restaurants, and even healthcare spaces shut down. Such dramatic changes that occurred essentially overnight required technology to adjust at a breakneck speed.  

Consider telemedicine, for example. We’ve been talking about effectively adopting telemedicine for 20 years, but it took less than a month to become widely available when we … Read More

Get Automation Right from the Start with AI Blueprint

You wouldn’t head into the wilderness without a map—by the same token, you shouldn’t deploy an AI initiative without having a clear idea of where you are and where you’re heading.

You need to know how automation will best benefit your bottom line, your employees’ productivity, and, of course, the customer experience.

Here’s the thing—your customers are already giving you all the direction and landmarks to guide your journey. It’s all found in the data … Read More

Omdia Ranks Experience Cloud as an XM “Market Leader” | Verint

Did You Hear? Omdia Ranks Experience Cloud as an XM “Market Leader”

Tech analyst firm Omdia (formerly Ovum Research) has given Verint an “advanced capability or breadth” rating in AI-enabled platforms for its experience cloud solution. The firm recently released its “Market Radar: AI-enabled Experience Management Platforms” report, which evaluates vendors on their ability to support continuous customer engagement improvement.

Verint Experience Cloud received the highest “advanced capability or breadth” rating on multiple criteria. Omdia cited several strengths, including:

  • A unified XM platform on a common codebase
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