Today I have the pleasure of launching Verint APAC’s inaugural Engage Index report and key findings at an executive lunch session at our APAC Engage event in Melbourne.

Even though we will be officially sharing the report with all guests at the event, I’m taking this opportunity to extend you a personal invite to view the report in full here.

I urge you to take the time to explore the report insights in detail – including how 75 per cent of organisations are investing in technology and innovation to enhance the customer experience and drive revenue growth.

Why did we initiate the Verint APAC Engage Index 2017?

In a disrupted world, today’s leaders are constantly challenged by changing customer demands. Many organisations are struggling to balance traditional ways of doing business with the expectations and preferences of today’s customers.

With competition on the rise, organisations must find new strategies to remain innovative, relevant and cutting-edge in customer service. However, innovation alone is not enough. Rather, a balanced investment in people, technology and growth is key to success.

Customer engagement is at the heart of everything we do at Verint. As a global technology and innovation leader, we initiated the Verint APAC Engage Index to ensure customer-led innovation is top of mind for the industry.

The aim of the Index is to showcase how the customer experience interlinks with employee engagement, technology and innovation, to drive business growth, profit and performance. To gain first-hand insights about becoming customer-led in the digital age, we interviewed close to 40 thought leaders from across the APAC region who are active in the customer engagement space.

Overall, our findings emphasised that a focus on people engagement is just as important as technology in the customer experience journey. Delivering above and beyond customer expectations is the secret weapon for today’s leaders, and a sure-fire way to future-proof business growth.

I hope you find the Index and its findings as valuable, interesting and insightful as we have. We have enjoyed bringing thoughts from some of our most insightful business leaders and industry experts together in this initiative.

By: Ady Meretz