This week we celebrate Customer Service Week--an annual week-long event that spotlights the people who do an increasingly complex job that presents new, unpredictable challenges every day. It's a mission-critical function that greatly impacts the overall customer experience. Even with all the automation technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), algorithms and robots, our people continue to make the difference when it comes to service.

Have you considered that great customer service is the foundation of all successful companies? According to a recent study sponsored by Verint, despite all the new digital channels, 76% of consumers want human contact to remain. As part of an organisation that focuses on providing a great experience for our customers, as well as the customer engagement solutions for some of the most amazing organisations around the world, I know firsthand how critical customer service professionals are.

In fact, in order to create a seamless, end-to-end, connected experience for customers, humans and bots must co-exist. Technology reduces routine and mundane tasks so customer service team members are freed to engage in more high-touch, complex customer engagement. This produces more rewarding work for our customer service teams, providing employee engagement with each interaction.

As one of the executive sponsors of Verint's Customer Experience Program, I make a point to talk with and visit our customers regularly. It's my favorite part of what I do. In fact, it's never lost on me how much of the conversations include anecdotes about Verint's customer service employees. It makes me proud to hear stories of an employee going above and beyond to solve an issue or share valuable information with the customer.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the professionals on the front lines who consistently and enthusiastically serve our customers. Equally, I encourage you to thank the folks in your organisation who serve faithfully on the front lines of your business every day.  

Just like at Verint, your customer service representatives have a key role in many corporate-sponsored strategic initiatives--critical ones such as customer retention, increasing revenues and building brand loyalty. The insights that your customer service employees receive from customers can essentially reshape the future of your business if you're willing to evolve as your customers do.

Our Verint employees understand the power of one person's actions on developing Customers for Life. All of us at Verint are thankful for our customers and recognise their hard work and dedication--and our employees who serve them.

Happy Customer Service Week to all of you who do great and important work every day. We appreciate you!


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