Hong Kong is emerging as a digitally sophisticated nation being named by The Digital Evolution Index, the third most advanced digital economy in APAC, and the ninth in the world. The country was named as one of just 10 digital elites, characterized by high levels of digital development and a fast rate of digital evolution.

It is against this backdrop that Verint has conduct a comprehensive global research study canvassing the views of more than 34,000 consumers across 18 countries.  This year we interviewed more than 2,000 people in Hong Kong and identified key customer experience insights, detected changes in customer preferences, drew year-on-year comparisons, analysed differences between neighbouring countries, and identified trends stemming from last year’s findings.

Our 2019 study explored current consumer wants, demands and concerns in the digital age. The changing landscape across workplaces also took centre stage as the report captures the numerous number of ways technology is transforming the marketplace.

Our data suggests that, Hong Kong is up there among the region’s top performing digital nations, they appear to be even more digitally advanced and connected than before, far more open to digital channels of customer service, and demand a true omni-channel customer experience.

However, in terms attitudes towards digital technology in the changing workplace, it is a different story. Workers in Hong Kong aren’t as willing to embrace new technology and ways of working to be more efficient or productive as their counterparts across the region – particularly in Australia, Singapore and India. Fewer Hong Kong workers have experienced parts of their roles becoming automated, and not as many workers in Hong Kong think their daily tasks will be automated in the future.

To learn more about Hong Kong’s current CX landscape and to explore what’s next for the nation download our special country highlights report here.


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